Every So Often You Want To Withdraw To A Beautiful, Peaceful Place And Spend Time Reflecting On What's Important In Life.

Kind Of A Reset.

Welcome To Retreats That Matter

Gatherings of a small number of like-minded people from around the world who want to withdraw for a few days from the hustle and bustle of modern life and work, and focus their hearts and minds on the important stuff. The nurturing stuff. The things that matter. The things inside.

Such as, what are my true values? Where am I heading in life? What do I want more of, less of? How can I live more simply, clearly, meaningfully?

Why A Retreat?

To gain clarity, you need to find some time and space to reflect. A retreat is an ideal way to get both because you're away from the usual distractions, responsibilities and pressures. Your body relaxes, your mind frees up, and your imagination begins to fire again.

What Will Happen?

It's still a work in progress, however as a result of professionally running retreats, off-sites and conferences for decades, I can assure you it will be good! It's likely we'll have 3 days made up of:

  • A warm welcome, with drinks and a relaxed meeting of others.
  • Stimulating, but relaxing, conversations looking at the key themes of clarity, meaning and purpose.
  • Sessions for individual, creative work on the things that matter.
  • Good food, good drink and great company.
  • Time out to wander in Nature and breathe.
  • Evening fireside chats.
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Who Will Run It?

My name is Rob Bialostocki, and I'm a highly experienced coach, trainer and facilitator. Since 1992 I've designed, conducted or spoken at small and large events for organisations like St John, Siemens NZ, ANZ Bank, Merck Sharp & Dohme, Moore Stephens Markham, BDO, YFC, Minter Ellison, Invacare Australia, and Air New Zealand. 

I love running retreats with good people in beautiful places.

We will be adopting the Nordic way of Hygge (pron. Hoo-guh) which is creating and enjoying simple, warm and inviting settings that foster peace, connection and conviviality. (Mulled wine, anyone?) Our Chief Hygge Officer is Therese Kelly.

Other credible, experienced and mature retreat leaders will be confirmed. 

What Outcomes Can I Expect?

  • A sense of peace and well-being.
  • Having fun and gaining insight through easy exercises and activities.
  • Being challenged with essential principles for a life that matters.
  • New connections with interesting people.
  • Having time out in Nature walking, breathing and expanding.
  • Leaving with a sense of clarity and commitment to doing what it takes to simplify life, reduce stress, and increase your sense of purpose and fulfilment, as defined by you.

What Else Do I Need To Know? 

  • It isn't religious or overly spiritual in nature. (But it is a beautiful thing.)
  • No rigid or prescriptive ideas. (Although there will be plenty of quiet inspiration!)
  • It's not a networking event. (But you'll meet some cool people.)
  • It's not focused on business. (We have other events later for that.)
  • You won't have to attend endless sessions. (There'll be space...Ahhh!)
  • At this stage, we're looking for expressions of genuine interest. (If this sounds like you, sign up below.)

Where & When Will It Be Held?

Our preference is for quiet, beautiful locations like Millbrook Resort in Queenstown, New Zealand or Tongariro Lodge near Taupo, NZ. Subsequent locations will include Australia, the USA and Europe.

We expect the first retreat to happen around April 2019. But, if there's keen interest, we'll start earlier (E.g. October 2018)

The cost still needs to be finalised, but it will be fair.

 Millbrook, Queenstown. Photo: Rob Bialostocki © 2018

Millbrook, Queenstown. Photo: Rob Bialostocki © 2018

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Finally, Please Help Us Shape the Experience.

What would the ideal retreat of this kind involve for you? What topics would you most like to see covered? What activities would you find most valuable and enjoyable? Click the button to open a simple form you can send to us. We'll read and digest every single idea. Promise. Your information will be kept confidential.