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This short guide will help you clarify how satisfied you are across six areas of your life:

  1. Mind - Your beliefs, thoughts and mental clarity
  2. Relationships - Those you love, enjoy and know well
  3. Money - Your knowledge, cashflow and investments
  4. Work - What you spned most of your time doing
  5. Possessions - What you own (and can own you)
  6. Time & Energy - Your commitments, schedule and health.

Once you've done the self-assessment, there's a short section where you convert your rating into a diagram so you can easily see where your satisfaction is strong and where it may need some attention.

Finally, there's a simple tool to turn your insights into actions.

The workbook is in PDF format, so you'll need to print it out to fill it in.

 Sample pages from inside the ebook

Sample pages from inside the ebook

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