Ever Feel Like There's More to Life Than Today's Hectic Lifestyle?

After a 10 year career in radio broadcasting, and a 20-year career in corporate coaching & consulting, Rob Bialostocki did and he decided to write A Life That Matters to document some important questions we need to ask, and share some initial ideas on what to do. You can get a copy for FREE.

Find out more about:

  • Why so many of us struggle with our modern lifetsyle
  • Why I downed tools and went travelling in 2016
  • Why happiness is not the ultimate goal of life
  • What living a life that matters is about and why
  • Four stories of ordinary people doing extraordinary things to make a diference and do work they love
  • A three-step process of finding more clarity, simplicty and purpose in life.

What's This Site All About?

Welcome! It's designed to inspire you to live a life, and do work, that really matters. You'll find stories, insights and ideas to help you create more clarity, simplicity and purpose in your life. We explore how to make the most of our mind, energy, time, relationships, money and work. We've only got one life, and this it it! So let's make sure it counts - for us, others, and the world we all live in.


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