If you're feeling stuck, or want you to clarify your current situation, get New ideas, and turn them into useful action, then coaching will help.

Coaching is where you meet (in person or online) with an experienced person who has a track record of helping people succeed in those areas. You have a number of sessions to work through the situation and try out the ideas discussed.

The sessions are not therapy, but focus on what you want to achieve, looking at ideas on how to do so, and then making an action plan to get the outcomes you want. By having a number of sessions you'll get momentum because you'll be accountable to your coach for having put your plan into action. You'll feel challenged and supported.

What Can I Expect From Coaching with Rob?





Who is Rob?

I'm an fairly ordinary guy in my mid fifties, with three adult children, a granddaughter, and a dog. I live in Auckland, New Zealand and have been through, and successfully navigated, all sorts of challenges and changes in life and work. These include career change and redundancy, losing over $150,000 in investment failures, depression, self-doubt, divorce after a 29-year marriage, leaving behind religion after 35 years, and working through breast cancer and all it's complications with my partner.

After gaining qualifications in both science and teaching, I trained and worked as a professional radio broadcaster. Since 1996 I have worked in the corporate world as a consulant, facilitator and coach helping people to communicate and lead with clarity and influence. I've worked for myself since 2007. Lately I have begun writing, podcasting and creating video resources.

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