Video: Living Life Large (with much less stuff)


Many people dream of a simpler life, one where they have less to worry about, and much more freedom. But they feel stuck. It's just not possible. Or is it? In this video, Rob Bialostocki talks to James Burroughes about why he left his successful six-figure corporate job, sold most of his things, and started travelling overseas. He's experiencing the kind of things other people only dream about. Filmed while he was in Lima, Peru, listen to what James decided to do, why and how he's builing his own business of coaching and consulting using skills and experience developed from his previous career.

The Video

In This Episode

  • James talks about his early career in the UK military and what he learned
  • Dealing with the things that anchor you to where you are
  • Deciding that you can leave your job and all will be well
  • Losing your corporate cultural identity - but it's not so bad
  • Having options rather than being stuck in a corner
  • Financing the big change of lifestyle
  • Taking a practical and sensible approach - keeping a house for one day
  • What Rob has always dreamed of doing (!)
  • How the world of work is rapidly changing
  • Finding your sweet spot.

James' Gems

  • "I'm so much happier now without all those possessions everyone else thought I had to have!"
  • "I'm going to show people that you can build a business while you travel."
  • "You don't know what you can experience until you get out there and experience it yourself."
  • "It's better to have options than corners."
  • "Take your career power back. Create your own options and use them."
  • "I was happy in my work before, but this is another level of happiness again."

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