Podcast 005 - 8 Ways to Face and Navigate Change


Ever feel like some things in your life need to change, or are changing but you'd rather they weren't? Finding a way through is the key to success. In this episode, Rob Bialostocki explores 8 strategies you can use to deal with life's challenges and changes. Whether they're to do with work, relationships, money, health or anything else, these strategies will help you get perspective, and find effective ways forward.

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In This Episode

  • We all tend to accumulate layers in our lives - sometimes they no longer work
  • To face change well, you need courage
  • Accept change as normal
  • Not everything is a brick wall
  • Be honest, if it sucks, say so
  • Maybe you got it wrong all this time
  • The benefits of having a group of trusted confidants
  • Small steps vs all in
  • Put down some balls before you drop them all
  • Learn what you need to to proceed effectively.


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