Podcast 004 - Making a Difference in the World


In this last part of introducing A Life That Matters, Rob Bialostocki takes us further than the everyday responsibilities and stresses and strains of modern life. We look at how your life can matter to the world in which we all live, and how you can find greater fulfilment as a result. It's about our CONTRIBUTION. We'll explore what's getting in the way of making a difference, hear about one of Rob's favourite moments in Life from India, and discuss some of the possibilities that lie before us all.

The Stream


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In This Episode

  • Modern life is busy, full, distracting...it's hard to deal with it sometimes!
  • All our time and energy gets used just living day to day.
  • Climbing the corporate ladder might get you to the wrong wall.
  • Lots of 40-60 years olds ask, is this all there is? How can I make a difference?
  • My 2016 solo trip around the world, taking time out.
  • Meeting two Indian sponsored girls for the first time.
  • Small things can make a big and generational difference.
  • Many domains we can make a difference in.
  • The man whose legacy is in stone.
  • Art, science, advocacy, caring, invention, mentoring...
  • Building a life with contributions we can be proud of.
  • Going beyond the normal, standard script.
  • Making time, energy and money available by cutting back.