Podcast 002 - A Life That Matters to You


A life that matters should firstly matter to you. Your personal health, peace and joy are important pre-requisites for a life of sustained living, giving and value. But so is living a life of integrity - one that's in line with who you really are. Rob Bialostocki looks at why we can lose that clarity, what it costs us, and how we can revisit and rekindle it.

The Stream


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In This Episode

  • Your life should matter to you, firstly
  • No one else can live your life, nor should they
  • There is no plan to discover - you make your own
  • Why we take on layers through our lives
  • The stories of Queenstown, being made redundant and leaving religion
  • 6 things I've stopped, 6 things I've started
  • No one knows everything about anything
  • You don't need to do everything, and why
  • Holding onto a grudge just poisons the person who's carrying it
  • The benefits of being fit, friendly and having a daily nap
  • Being more selective with your time
  • Healthy selfishness.

Resources Mentioned

  • Queenstown - some information in case you're interested. It's one of my favourite places in the World!