Video: Release the Author Within You


Have you ever had a book in you? Something you’d love to spend a few weeks quietly tucked away somewhere, writing? Most books will never get written, and even fewer published. But today, Rob Bialostocki talks to Ron Murray who, as he turns 60, has just published his first book. Ron doesn’t sugarcoat the process but tells it like it is. “If I can do it,” he says, “Anyone can.”

The Video


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In This Episode

  • Using your existing gifts and abilities 
  • Getting to 60 and realising now's the time
  • Don't leave it too late to get out on the field
  • The metaphor of too many pots on the stove
  • Just get your thoughts down firtst
  • If you want to write, write
  • Capturing your family's history in a permanent book
  • Why you don't have to be a great writer
  • Carving out time to write versus read or read about other authors
  • Self-publishing is so easy these days
  • Design is important - there are plenty of specialists out there who can help.