Podcast 001 - Introducing A Life That Matters


A long time brewing, ALTM is part philosophy, part a way of living, and part community of like-minded people all aimed at helping to gain more clarity, meaning and purpose in life and work. Why? And where did this come from? Who is Rob? And is this more woo-woo or metaphysical nonsense? (Spoiler alert: No). All these questions are answered in this introduction to A Life That Matters - part 1.

The Stream


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In This Episode

  • I introduce myself briefly
  • What ALTM is in essence
  • Why it's important that we think about it
  • The three fundamentals ALTM is based on
  • The story of the jellybean jar
  • The goal at the end of the day (Hint: You decide, not me)

Resources Mentioned

  • Peter Fritz - The Midlfe Tribe (and podcast)
  • The ALTM Manifesto PDF, which is coming soon.