Video: Getting Off the Hamster Wheel


In this very first video interview, which is really a relaxed conversation, I introduce you to Keri Clarke. She is a very normal wife, mother, scientist, graphic designer and seeker of truth. Not a bad combo! However, a few years ago she had a major realisation and decided to do something about it. She shares her story to encourage you and others who may feel a bit like they're stuck on the hamster wheel of a busy life. Enjoy.



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In this Episode

  • Confessions of a high achiever/people pleaser
  • The cost of juggling too much
  • The impact of trying to be driven and successful at everything
  • Why Keri changed her religion of origin
  • Experiencing post-natal depression after her first baby
  • Losing fulfilment in her own business and selling it
  • What heklped hger turn around
  • The value of getting your own coach.


  • Keri's new website
  • Marth Beck, Life coach from USA - someone whose perspective, ideas and quirkyness I admire.
  • The Martha Beck Collection, by Martha Beck. Buy a copy below.