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I'm in my fifties, live in Auckland New Zealand (great place - you must come and visit!), and work for myself providing consulting, coaching and facilitation to corporates and professional service firms. I have three adult children, and one grandchild I affectionately call Missy-moo.

As well as tertiary qualifications in science, teaching and organisational training, I trained as a professional broadcaster and spent many years on radio. Maybe that's why I like podcasting! (And why I can talk the back legs off a hind deer - apparently.)

But more importantly, my other qualifications include being abandoned by my mother when I was two, dealing with loneliness through my teen years, walking with the black dog, losing over $50,000 with bad investments, being made redundant despite being a top performer, divorcing after a 29-year marriage, taking wrong turns in my career at least twice, consciously leaving religion after over 35 dedicated years, losing a lot of friends and acquaintances, and having to navigate breast cancer/ chemo/ radiation therapy with my new partner. (She's doing fine now.)

The good news is, I've gained key insights and lessons from them all, have learned to successfully meet and deal with them as part of life, and am able to help others facing similar challenges.

I love helping people create more clarity and fulfilment by applying principles of simple wisdom.
Rob Bialostocki
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I like to spend my time walking in nature (with the dog, real not black), fly-fishing in the wilderness, travelling to far-flung countries, reading about philosophy/ history/ psychology/ anthropology/ or anything, really, and enjoying most forms and expressions of music. Sometimes I pity the neighbours when I turn my stereo up loud for a bit of Coldplay, John Mayer or SRV!

I've identified my core values as wisdom, curiosity, learning, nature and kindness.


A Life That Matters

This phrase has a lot to it.

  1. It's a philosophy for life and the world we live in. One that says, "Hey, what really is going on, what really is important, and what does that mean for us?" It's not a fixed dogma at all but rather, a set of questions to ask and principles to use when deciding for ourselves what it all means.
  2. It's also a practical way to live so that the philosophy becomes real and useful. At the end of the day, while clear and critical thinking is good, action is what counts. So when we consider what ALTM might be, we decide 'how then we should live?' What does it mean for how we do life on a day-to-day basis, including our work, how we use our money, what we do with our time, what we pay attention to, and the openness and health or our relationships.
  3. ALTM is also a community. Whenever I share my thoughts about ALTM people seem to want to engage with it in some way. So, as I explore what it looks like, I want to share those thoughts and build a community of like-minded people around the world who are also keen on pursuing the intentional life. And to have great fun doing it! [Coming soon: There are both gatherings/retreats planned and a year-long group mentoring programme called A Year That Matters which I hope to launch for 2019.]
India with Darborah

In a nutshell, I believe that a life that matters should matter to:

  • YOU (because it's your life and it's too easy to take on other people's priorities and lifestyles - you can end up losing yourself somewhere along the line)
  • OTHERS (because we live in communities, and the health of those relationships determines how much belonging and love we give and receive), and
  • THE WORLD IN WHICH WE ALL LIVE (because it's our context, our home. We need to both look after it and add value to it. And we are part of humanity so we have an opportunity - I believe a responsibility - to contribute to humanity in some useful way.)
Whenever I share my thoughts about ALTM, people seem to want to engage with it in some way.

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